Good Samaritan

So a very weird incident happened with me today. I got a chance to play a good Samaritan for someone completely a stranger to me.

So I was walking down this lane which incidentally I never take, listening to music on my iPod. A car stops by me and honks. I would have ideally ignored it and walked on. However I stopped and a girl peered down the window asking me if I live in that area.

I said “I don’t but where do you want to go” (with the confidence that only a phone with google maps application and data can instill).

When she said “Mt Albert” I told her that it was a huge suburb and if she knew which street she wanted to go to. She looked bewildered and told me something that could probably give me palpitations if it ever happened to me.

1, she was an out of towner and 2, her phone battery had died on her!!! OMG, that’s like a 111 situation but hey, she didn’t have a phone to do that! She had my full attention and sympathy also.

She borrowed my phone to call her friend and check  the address (of course thanks to technology, she didn’t remember the phone number but logged in to her Facebook account to check the number). In my head I was thinking would it be weird if I offered to go with her till the place(I could always take a bus back) and the next second she said “I know this may sound weird, but would you come with me in my car to the place? Once I see the place I will come back and drop you!”

I grinned and sat in the car. We talked heaps and I got to know that next year she will be going to South Africa to participate in a beauty contest where she represents New Zealand. Apparently she was Miss Teen New Zealand World supermodel (I hope I got that right).

She drove me back once she saw the house where she had to go to.

I find this all so weird. why?

  • I am indian, and its in our DNA to mistrust anyone; we always tend to think there is an ulterior motive behind everything, especially an unknown person
  • I am basically a very cautious person
  • I overanalyse situations, thanks to being married to the man who wins the world’s best “overanalyser” award
  • I sat in a strangers car! what? say that again!

Anyway, I am glad I did that, because honestly I love to make people smile.

I called Satyu to tell him this incident and sure enough (to stress all my bullet points above) he said he didn’t believe it and he thought it fishy!

Well I am glad I did what I did. Just followed my heart and at the end of it, I felt awesome.If anything, Zara has promised that when she comes on TV, she will give a shout out to me! And being Indian and loving anything that reeks of “celebrity” I asked if I could take a selfie with her!

All the luck Zara! Hope you become Miss Universe someday and put the kiwis on the map for that!!

IMG_6122 IMG_6123