I know I have already written a blog about mum, but today calls for another one!
Let me please make it clear at the onset, this is NOT a sad post, its just a sort of dedication to my mother.

Exactly 26 years ago, mum left for her celestial abode (Gosh sounds so poetic)! It still feels like yesterday that everything occurred.

All the memories come rushing to the fore, all the sounds, the talks, the incidents that happened that day mix around in my head and the cacophony of those silent sounds simply overpower me and I am left saturated with the melancholy that refuses to leave me!

What has haunted me from all those years the most is my birthday, which is exactly 5 days later! I mean I used to feel guilty celebrating on the 26th, just after feeling the sadness on the 21st. Of course I have evolved over the past years and consciously make an effort to get over this self made mind mess!

And this year I have made a special resolution, I will not, not let the sunrise of any 21st January make me feel sad or remind me of what happened on the 21st of January 1986! In fact I will remember mom the way I remember her!

Mummudeee love you! And hope you are with me, Dad and V always and looking down on us and being with us in all our triumphs and trials!!

U are my shining star in the sky!!

This one is for you Ma,

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