Today is Sunday, the 25 th of November. Today would be like another Sunday, except that its not. Today is my last Sunday in New Zealand this year. Sounds so melodramatic, but it’s a fact. I have been waiting for this day, since the 7th of December 2009, the day I landed here.

Okay, people who know me will vouch how idiotic I was initially when I came here. I was steadfast, that I am not going to like here, that I miss everything back home. I grumbled about how lonely it felt, about the lack of people, about how there were no tall structures in the suburbs. Only once I came here, I understood the true meaning of a city, of what suburbs mean, of how tall structures are meant to be only in the city. How suburbs are meant to be houses with gardens, dogs and cats and families. What it means by city life, etc.

I did not leave any stone unturned to annoy my husband, even the fact that there was no three pronged fan over the bed, of how the lack of the sound of the fan made me an insomniac. However my resilience (cue to smirk) and Satyu’s patience has made me live here in New Zealand. These are the few reasons by which I call Auckland my home, my home away from home.

I will be lying if I say I don’t love this place. I love it here, the people, the culture, their need to live life, their warmth, the curiosity about my fellow cousins ( Indians), the work culture, everything. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that my family isn’t here. My best friends are not here. Yes I have made new friends, who are awesome, who somehow have been woven into the fabric of our lives, our support system here, but I sorely miss everyone from that part of my life who had made it possible for us to be here today.

Satyu always maintained that we will go back for a visit once we achieve something, once we have found solid ground under our feet. Well we are still searching, still looking for new things, human tendency after all, we can never be satiated with all what we have. We run, keep running after something or the other. To achieve, to beget, to belong. But since its three years since we have come here, we decided that this year we have to go back for a holiday. If we would not , then I would have definitely gone bonkers.

The tickets have been booked, the bags are packed. I am running around like a headless chicken with the last minute stuff. Both of us have three more days of work, and then we are off.

We will land in Mumbai of the 2nd of December, if all goes well then in time for lunch. I am wound up, so much that I dream of home. This potentially could be my last blog for the year.

Can’t wait to hug my dad. To play with my dog, to have silly tiffs with V. To be with T and T, and Athaan. To go for a long drive with Gau and Sanket, just chilling and talking about any random stuff under the sun. To drink a hot cup of sexy coffee with Neem. To catch up with M and M, bitch about everything and everyone. To have the sun streaming on my face through my bedroom window. To hear the door bell ring at least six times, with the first bell from six am. To hear the incessant bells from the temple behind my bedroom. To hear the little snippets of conversations going on outside. To be woken up by aai or baba, cajoling us to be up so that the maid can clean our room. To eat brekkie, different stuff each day. To read the Bombay times supplement while on the pot. To hear aai’s rantings( which she thinks she is murmuring and the rest of us cannot hear), baba’ s non stop comedy circus. To go to Shirdi and Ankola. To dunk toast or biscuits in tea with the rest of the family. To chat about everything that happened in the past with my dad. To sit on the katta with my friends and just talk. To walk in the society. To buy vegetables and fruits from the “bhaiyya”. To visit the Parleshwar temple. To travel by train, to relive those years I have spent traveling by the trains. To watch people, their faces, and trying to imagine what they are thinking. To stand and stare out at the concrete wall outside our window. I think it’s against my good judgement, but I should stop here. Because its causing me a tummy ache jus thinking about all this, about how there are so many days ( err, 3 days) before I can fly.

So here’s to an Epic trip…..

Will be back soon withe news from India…….
Because I want to be cheesy and corny, this song is the best one and I love it too