Some of my favorite things…..

There are some days, when you feel as if it’s the end of the world, as if it’s your last day on earth! As if there is no mortal reason for you to be mortal! The soul leaves it’s abode and you feel absolutely lost! You question your very own identity! You wonder what’s the purpose, what’s the reason? The reason for you to be here, breathing in and out, for you to eat! Why do you do what you do?
I am sure all of you have these days, sometimes at least! Not often but at least someone has experienced it at a certain level! Maybe not these many questions, but at least a couple!
I remember reading somewhere, when you feel low, you should write down awesome things about you, and that makes a difference! When I had my low days, this helped me! Tremendously.. I thought, why not have a list of some of my favorite things noted someplace, so that I can refer to it; which will then remind me how much I love life and all the reasons for my very existence will be justified.
The things that give me absolute satisfaction are:
@ watching home videos, of memories locked in tiny snippets of timed videos, of time spent with my family and friends
@ curling up in a comfortable position with one of my favorite books ( like comfort food, my comfort books among m favorites ones are the secret island, by Enid Blyton and any book from the Harry Potter series)
@ lying on my dad’s lap, gives me a sense of immense security, like I am in my mother’s womb
@ lying on warm sands, watching the huge waves create havoc with the winds, though this creates fear in some minds, this turmoil of the immense phenomenon settles my mind
@ smelling the rain soaked soil,with a cup of hot tea or coffee, watching the rain from my bedroom window in Andheri or from the hall window in Vasai
@ babies! babies who look at you with nothing but immense love and trust , not judging you, but with eyes that just accept you the way you are, loving you for what you are
@ writing, is cathartic for me! Writing makes me discover myself! The more I write, the more I discover
@ songs, depends on my mood, though, I listen to rock, love ballads, metal( some songs only), Marathi songs, Bollywood songs, Hindustani, Carnatic, spiritual, it all depends on what I am feeling at that moment
@ friends, I am all out for my friends, I cannot imagine myself without my friends. What I feel when I am with them,is something I cannot describe. But yes, I feel grateful to have the friends that I have.
@ baking, I have discovered that baking relaxes me, the mingled smell of the melting sugar and flour makes me feel, ” I am at home”
@ watching the sky, the immense blue sky, makes me feel lucky to be alive and gives me that kind of moment of “living, larger than life”
@ making “vadis”(topic for another blog, will explain in detail then), makes me feel I am with my mom, that feeling of her presence around me
@ when I remember V, Neem, T n T, UB, Aai Baba, Sanket Gauri, are all my family, makes me feel gratitude. My family makes me who I am today, they make me complete as a person.
@ ganpati celebrations in Vasai, come what may, or what happens , the first day of ganpati chaturthi is different, makes me feel awed,of the superpowers we are surrounded by! Makes me feel safe, protected and happy ( I am bonkers, eh!!)
@ Diwali… One has to feel this festival to understand what it can do to one’s senses! The festival of lights is one of most favorite festivals ever! The build up of almost nine days towards this festival, once dassera goes by, is like an eternity, as I would wait for Diwali! The making of sweets, of at least ten different types, sweet and savory both, would bring families together! Shopping for clothes, whitewashing the walls, cleaning the house, detoxifying the mind and the body would all be a part of this festival! Waking up earlier than dawn, the race to beat the sun waking up would be thrilling! The various smells assaulting the olfactory senses, of coconut oil ( massaged onto the body by one of the elder family members), of “utna” , of the burning smell of the “diva” and not to forget the “new” soap, without which the bath would be incomplete! The soap would almost always be a huge round bar of “moti sabun” if not “mysore sandal soap”, which was considered to be luxury soaps ( alas, we did not have “lush” soaps then, though we improvised with fab India organic soaps in the recent years)! And then donning new clothes, and visiting the temple, and then families! Oh man, I am already feeling awesome just writing this memory of mine!!
@ Satyu. I can be absolutely ” filmi” here, but I think I reserve the rights here to describe or not describe what he means to me! All I can say is, Satyu is the reason for, one of the main reasons for my existence! Of me being me! Of me being us, with him!

Though this is not an exhaustive list of my favorite things, it has the key elements, so will maybe add on it, now and then, meanwhile here is something that will sing what I feel at this moment,with this blog: