Hmm..I hate pressure cookers

Have u ever feared something so much that u get recurrent nightmares about it..Or maybe some premonition tht what u fear might just come true one day!!
Well i am one of the lucky ones, which live the nightmare to tell the story.
I always , i mean i always had this strong almost maniacal fear (among others), about a mishap with the mighty pressure cooker. Have heard many tales about it and have always cautioned people about it!!
This morning, I woke up, and like any dutiful wife, was preparing breakfast. And decided to cut time and cook some dal for lunch. Little did I know what was in store for me..The cooker was a bit funny. For starters, the damn thing didnt have a handle. The “washer” was slimy and a bit wobbly..well anyway, to cut a long story short, the damn thing just blew up..and i was covered with dal, the carpet, the fridge, the walls, the chair, the damn kande poha ka saucepan, the rice cooker..everything got a whiff of the dal..Hahahhaa..It was hilarious and scary at the same time..I mean, its my 2nd day in Kiwiland and this..I ran down to get Satyu, who was blissfully sleeping his way thru tht bursting sound..He didnt register any shock when I told him what happend.. Even me covered from head to toe with the dal didnt unsettle him. He looked as if I had dal stuck to my hair everyday..I ran into the bath and poor husband vacuumed the carpet..
Well lot of stuff happened after that..I mean just the boring, cleaning and all that…
We went to the P.O after that to get my IRD..And after that Satyu took me to the community library which is a stone’s throw away from where we live. Oh it was many was as big as the British council library or felt amazing to be surrounded by so many books.
So after tomorrow, u know where to find me if I m not around..
They had free internet access as maybe i will next connect from there :))
Yday, i forgot to mention , we went to a coin operated car was fun..U put in a coin, and use the hose and manually select the prog: like a rinse/foam.wax/high pressure water/low pressure/enginewash/tire wash..and u simply drive away with ur dripping car and let the natural forces to do the drying bit..
Well that is that for today..I was a bit shaken up this morning due to the killer cooker..But hell no, i m not taking this sitting down!! :)))
The accomapnying pix are of the accident , post accident and the victim’s photo and also the offender’s pic!!
I have also put up some home pix for u guys to see!!
And yes, Gauri, this is irony for u..I have cooked my entire life and got attacked by this disabled cooker. And satyu who has just started to cook was working with this cooker for the past year or so, and nothing went wrong with him!!!