My two monkeys

It’s been a while since I have been here. I always mean to, somehow don’t get down to it. There are so many saved drafts of stuff in my dashboard, I have no clue when and how I will update it.
Anyway here I am. This morning I happened to read my friend’s blog, the stork has recently visited her, and she has been blessed by a beautiful baby girl. My friend has started recording her day to day life with her darling, and I think it’s quite commendable as mums usually complain about how busy life gets once they have a baby. How this Wonder Woman finds the time to write I have no clue. But I love the idea. One of my friends from the past had some stuff that his parents recorded, albeit in a diary, and some stuff, like hand prints etc after he was born. That has stuck in my head and I always planned that when ever I have a baby, I am going to do it too.
I am a freak that way. I remember once when spring cleaning at home for Diwali I came across this congratulatory card that my cousin had sent from the states to my dad after I was born! I still remember the thrill I felt, that I imagined how my dad would have felt when he had me, and what he must have felt when he received that very card! Crazy, eh! And why not make use of the technology that we have today, smart phones, iPads, and whatchamacallit to harness our needs ( in this case, making those diaries that make the paper fade out over the years redundant).

One of the entries on her blog was about baby talk. That opened floodgates of memories while Tejas and tanvi were growing up. This blog is a pure dedication to these two, and of course my friend, Gauri.

Tanvi was about two and a half years old, still spewing baby gibberish with proper Konkani vocab, I would often visits my sister in their Vile Parle house. Neem’s house had a pattern, every thing was like clockwork, not the rigid military kind , the happy homely kind. She has an ideal Indian family, just like mine. Father in law, mother in law, she was lucky enough to have her grand mother in law too, all under one roof. So afternoon was siesta time, and then her in laws would go out for their daily stuff, like brahma Kumari sessions etc. This would be Neems time, where I would encroach at least thrice a week. The scene plays in my head, it’s strange that the human mind is capable of deriving so much pleasure and peace out of mundane things. We would both sit at her dining table in her cosy kitchen with steaming steel cups filled to the brim with her delicious filter coffee. Tejas must be around four years old when this incident happened. We heard some agitated chattering from the bedroom, where these two were. Neem is like a jackfruit,she can be so prickly from the outer side, but as soft as she can be from inside. She always was brisk and no nonsense kind of typical Virgo mom. She called out to Tejas and asked him to maintain the peace,as he was the older one. Tejas always had a warning sounded out to him, any complaints about tanvi should be reported to Neem directly without him taking any actions! 🙂
That day, after Neem’s calling out to Tejas, we heard him bawling out loud in exactly five minutes. Both of us ran to the bedroom, only to see Tejas rubbing his back and tanvi (standing in her cute lil pink “chuddee”) looking bewildered. Upon enquiry, Tejas squealed ow tanvi had hit him so hard on his back ( pfft, can you imagine how hard a two and half year old can hit). Neem looked directly at tanvi, who answered ” I don’t know what happened mum, I didn’t hit him, my palm just went and landed on his back”! I am guffawing as I am writing this! I guffawed then too, only to earn Neems stern looks who asked me not to laugh as she was issuing a lesson in discipline. I ran into the kitchen holding my tummy and one hand in my mouth to prevent me from ruining it!
The innocence with which she said this almost made me believe it! What kids say is simply innocent, and with their belief. It does not reek of any plots to deceive us. That’s what makes it all the more cute!
One more incident comes to the mind. In school I was the class storyteller, whenever we had free periods I would orate one of my stories and my class would listen to me enraptured. I became the house storyteller for these two as well. In one of my story telling sessions, I told tanvi about how we should be always pleasant at 7 pm. Now 7 pm is considered to be important, auspicious in Hindus. I have been brought up in my house with this story too. It seems Lord Shiva goes out in the world on his rounds blessing people and says “tathastu” equivalent to amen. So if we do bad/ mediocre stuff at that time, we will keep doing it, hence we should be happy, or doing something productive at that time. My point in telling this story to them was to prevent their silly squabbles. Well to cut a long story short, after some weeks of this story my Jiju( bro in law) took us all to the Sant ashram temple ( this temple is the one where almost all gods have their idols installed, and it has featured in many Bollywood movies). I was carrying tanvi and introducing all gods to her. We came to the abode of Lord Shiva, when she turned around and said, ” you lied to me.” I did a double take and asked her what I had lied to her about. She stated matter of factly, ” he is here, not gone on his rounds”! I was still flabbergasted, puzzled as to what this wee lass was talking about. It then dawned on me, as she said its seven pm and he was still here. It was hard for me to control my laughter and I had to explain it to her that his real home was in heaven.

This is what I mean, such innocence , such cuteness only these kids can make us overcome with these emotions. And I am blessed by my nephew and niece who have showered me with love, their faith, their loyalty, their undying belief in me.

There are many many many other incidents these two have made me smile with, however this space isn’t enough. Time for me to sign out now, have a long day ahead.

Meanwhile I will leave you with one of the videos of my two monkeys: