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02. 24. 730. 17520. 1051200

I have been mindful of each minute that I have lived since 8 June 2014. I will be lying if I say otherwise. Actually I was born again on this date. Born to be a different person. A different entity. A different new role. That I have come to love and fiercely guard. 

If I have to do anything different then there are hundred things however I won’t want to change this day ever. 

Being a mother is tough. Like heck yes. But it’s just amazing. I remember asking him to grow up quickly so he understands what I talk to him. And that I am yearning for him to hug me hard. And that I am waiting for him to talk to me. 

I thank god at least a thousand times each day for allowing me to experience this stuff that is happening.

His little tiny hands playing with my hair. Him crooning my name and those wet pecks of joy on my face. 
It’s unbelievable that this thing I carried inside me. This being. Is borne of me exactly two years ago. 

Which means that I am only two years old. A mother since two years. 

Happy birthday to me. And happy birthday to Abir. 


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