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So far so good

Exactly after 6 days of my last post, the day care princesses turned into these horrible demonesses! To cut a long story short, we had to look for a new day care for Abir.

And then another change, after which another change. I was totally bitched tired out! Not to mention the countless arguments, debates and whatchamacallits with the man, we finally seem to have found some semblance of a normal routine.

I won’t lie. there were times when I was this close, like this close to quitting. My job, myself, my man. It’s not an understatement, that raising kids can be hell tough. These little tykes have the energy of a 100 horses on drugs. And its like their mission in life: to either poop/puke/eat/be sleepy exactly the minute your bottom hits the comfort of a plush seat and you have just released that sigh of relief and you are savouring the very idea of “being one” with yourself. Anybody with a kid will vouch for that.

My grandmother had seven kids. According to my sister, this was the result of a horny grandfather! Its funny but that means all of us probably have a genetic superb libido. Perhaps it got mutated in my DNA because forget sex, the very thought of any physical intimacy only makes me tired and puts me into this deep zombie like sleep. thankfully its the same with the man. Well going back to my gran, I wonder how she managed. Dad says she had her sister-in-law (my grandpa’s sister) who helped her. But heck, I know now how hard it is to cook, clean, and do the million other chores a married woman (Indian at that) has to do with kids in tow. Not one, not two, seven to be precise.

I was always a good multi-tasker; but these days, my mind is like this sieve or a perforated metal sheet (same shit). I make plans in my head and mentally tick off things from the “to do list”. I was always very efficient but somehow feel everything lost in translation.

Anyway, my day begins with Abir and ends with him. L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y ; but I am not complaining. The melodic “mamma” just dissipates all the frustration and tiredness. Even now, its thanks to him that I am able to write this post uninterrupted. I wonder what plans or “to do lists” he is mentally making up now.

  • wake mamma up at 6.01 (just three minutes before her alarm goes off)
  • exactly when mamma and baba are outside the door with me, do a BIG one, so that they can come back in and change the diaper
  • ensure that I annoy the daycare chick (she makes me eat my own food)
  • I have to ensure mamma sits behind that cute girl in the bus so I can tug at her hair
  • make sure I throw a tantrum when mamma is talking to V or Nina
  • try to resist sleep until 9 (*devilish grin)
  • oh wait, croon “mamma” on repeat mode (that makes her all goes and pliable)

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