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Back to reality…

So finally Abir has started going to daycare since the last two weeks. After threatening my husband that I will file for divorce ( for the 34,456,00th time) I gave in. I succumbed to his incessant harping on about Abir needing to develop, that Abir needed exposure to other kids. 

Abir goes to this day care just across the road run by two lovely ladies out of their house. We are paying through our nose for it but it’s worth it. I am heartbroken but at least relieved as the ladies are really amazing. I have resumed work albeit shorter hours. 

But last week Abir contracted a bug. Sore throat. The dreaded sickie. Thankfully it was the long weekend so we could be wih Abir 24/7. I was his bed as he refuses to sleep elsewhere. He would wheeze while breathing and nose constantly ran.  Again I have new respect for my mum and grand mum ( she borne 10 kids, only 8 survived though)!! How did they manage it? I mean how? 

I will not lie, it’s tough. Tough as hell. To raise a child here. Outside India. Away from home or any sort of help. I miss home. My friends. My dad. All the more now. 

Anyway back to work now. It feels good I will admit. To feel useful again. To be appreciated. Thankfully have awesome work colleagues and a wonderful boss so hopefully will settle in quick. 

Every day is a different challenge though. But the journey is fun. With my two boys. 

Back to life. Back to reality. 


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